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What exactly is Pocket Reporter and how can it save me time?

Pocket Reporter is a portable inspection system that has been designed from the ground up using the latest technology currently available on the market. It has been designed to streamline and standardize your reporting procedures. With Pocket Reporter Lite you can complete routine inspections by simply building up your report using standard words and phrases. With Pocket Reporter Pro you can complete every single inspection before, during and after a tenancy. The whole process is fantastic because you no longer need to type any of your inspections again. They're ready to email or print as soon as you leave the property. It's Brilliant!

How much does Pocket Reporter cost?

Pocket Reporter Lite allows you to conduct your routine/periodic inspections in a quick and simple manner. PRLite currently retails for ~AU$16 on the Apple App Store. Pocket Reporter Pro is our complete inspection app allowing you to undertake any inspection of a property in a high level of detail. PRPro currently retails for ~AU$140 on the Apple App Store. You can purchase both of these apps and use them without additional cost. Make sure you purchase the app that is designed for your device. For example Pocket Reporter Pro for iPad is designed for iPads only. Pocket Reporter Pro for iPhone is designed for iPhones but can be purchased and run on an iPad. If you have an iPad get the iPad app as it is vastly superior.

The Pocket Reporter Professional Server runs under a monthly/annual license on a Windows based PC or Server in your office. It allows the backup and coordination of multiple iPads and iPhones, customisation of PhraseStorm and the areas and items which are available, and we can provide customised report formats for Server users. Finally it integrates with a number of trust accounting software vendors. Current pricing can be found in the Pocket Reporter Professional Server License Agreement.

While Red Nightingale endeavour to provide free support resources to help our users with every aspect of our software there will be times when you don't have the time to find the answer you need, or may require some assistance with a tricky question. We've introduced a complete support system into PRPro for iPad and will soon be introducing it to PRPro for iPhone and then the PRLite apps. This system will allow you to purchase support tickets for help with the above scenarios. It will also provide access to free tools to report any bugs you come across as well as make suggestions of features or phrases you'd like to see in the app. Support Tickets can be pre-purchased individually (~AU$10.49) or in bundles of 5 (~AU$44.99), or can be added to your invoice if you are a Pocket Reporter Professional Server user. 

How do I go about ordering it?

You can purchase the apps through the App Store on your device by searching for 'Pocket Reporter'. You can also purchase them using iTunes and following the correct link below:

Pocket Reporter Pro for iPad
Pocket Reporter Pro for iPhone
Pocket Reporter Lite for iPad
Pocket Reporter Lite for iPhone

Follow the links for pricing in your region. If you're using Pocket Reporter Pro and want to set up the Pocket Reporter Professional Server in your office then download, fill-in and submit our Pocket Reporter Professional Server License Agreement and we'll aim to have you up and running as soon as possible.

Can I change the existing phrases or add in my own phrases?

Pocket Reporter Lite and Pro have a fixed phrasing system. Pocket Reporter Professional Server allows you full customisation of the phrasing system, amongst other great new features.

Can Pocket Reporter be used in my office or alongside my existing trust accounting software ?

Pocket Reporter Lite is a system designed to introduce you to the Pocket Reporter concept. It will be sufficient for your needs if you only intend to undertake routine inspections of your properties and is a great and cheap way to get started. The Lite system is fully contained within your iPhone or iPad and does not communicate with other systems (such as Trust Accounting systems, or our current full inspection system Pocket Reporter Fusion).

Pocket Reporter Pro is designed to provide you with the full power of Pocket Reporter for a one-off fee but like Lite it is self-contained.

When the Pocket Reporter Professional System is completed it will provide advanced synchronisation with many of the Trust Accounting systems on the market, will have PC editing software, customisable phrasing and report formats, and will synchronise with the Pocket Reporter Pro apps. It will be available under annual or monthly licenses.

Which hardware do I buy?

Pocket Reporter Pro and Lite both require iOS5.0 and have been tested on iPhone (3GS, 4 and 4S) and iPad (3, 2 and 1) as well as iPod Touch. The iPhone app technically works on an iPad in compatibility mode however it is not designed for it and the purpose built iPad application is vastly superior.

I've heard about or used a similar product in the past and found it hard to use, will this product really save me time when completing inspections?

The truth is that you have not experienced true portable reporting if you have not used the Pocket Reporter system. Pocket Reporter has been designed and improved over many years and we have worked closely with many leading property managers and real estate agencies to ensure that the product is the best available on the market. It is by far the most powerful and customisable system available and it is under-pinned by the latest in technology.

The new PhraseStorm system is a remarkable advance in inspection technology. Imagine replacing your current keyboard with one in which every key is an inspection word or even sentence! Then image if simple gestures allowed you to quickly put the words and sentences you use into grammatically correct paragraphs of text!!! It's possible with PhraseStorm.

The photo tagging system in Pocket Reporter Pro and Lite will amaze you. If you've ever had a photo with details which are hard to discern then photo tagging will seem like a godsend. It allows you to place a marker on your image with multiple lines indicating what it is referring to, and then you get to quickly describe the issue using PhraseStorm. It all gets automatically compiled into your report.

Do the generated reports comply with each of the state's requirements?

There are currently no legislative requirements in terms of the form of routine or periodic inspections. Ingoing and outgoing inspections do have specific requirements and Pocket Reporter Pro has templates provided for states/territories based on the legislation in each region. Further customisation of report formats will be available as part of the Pocket Reporter Professional Server.

What form does the report take and what does it look like?

The report produced by Pocket Reporter Lite is a fixed format PDF. This is a quick example of the layout of the report. Pocket Reporter Pro has the following formats which are customised on a region by region basis. If your region is not specified then it will use the default format for that inspection type.

Default Ingoing
QLD Ingoing
NSW Ingoing
Default Routine
Default Outgoing

Does the NSW format comply with Residential Tenancies Regulation 2010 Schedule 2?

This letter from NSW Fair Trading explains that the pre-lease condition report doesn't need to exactly match what is found in Schedule 2 and, in particular, that you don't need to match the areas and items found in that Schedule for the report to be valid. There are two important settings that you will need to use for NSW properties. The first is that the State part of the address must be either "NSW" (no fullstops) or "New South Wales". The second setting found in the Settings screen (found by tapping the cog button on the Properties screen) is called Quick Check Mode and must be set to On (this provides Y/N values and boxes in the report). You can set the default State in the settings to make it easier to enter.

I have a Pocket PC, Windows Phone7 or Android phone... Will your software work on this platform?

Windows Mobile 5 or 6 hardware is no longer supported. Windows Phone7, Windows 8 and Android phones and tablets are part of our development roadmap however no dates have been set for their release as yet.

I'm new to iPhones/iPads. What's the best way to get started?

Pocket Reporter Lite has a full tutorial mode and Pocket Reporter Pro has Help buttons that launch video tutorials as well as providing access to support tickets and (soon) FAQs. These will guide you through every aspect of using the app. Pocket Reporter does rely on your understanding a few common iPhone/iPad terms which you'll need to understand. If any of this is causing you problems then you should book an appointment at your nearest Apple Store as they run excellent group tutorials on getting the most out of your Apple devices.

  • Tap - a simple tap with your finger on the screen
  • Double Tap - tap twice quickly with your finger
  • Swipe - is used on almost every screen in Pocket Reporter. It involves sliding your finger quickly across the item in one of four directions (up, right, down or left). On any list swiping left or right will display a button allowing you to delete the item you swiped.
  • Hold - is used in PhraseStorm to show you the full phrase text (for power phrases) and also a tutorial on how to use the advanced features of PhraseStorm. When you are looking at the Property screen holding on the address link will open up Maps on your iPhone so that you can get directions to the property!
  • Shake - when entering text for an area or in PhraseStorm just shake your iPhone if you make a mistake and want to undo it. This is particularly useful if you accidentally tap the wrong phrase or use the wrong gesture in PhraseStorm. Care is obviously suggested when you shake it as throwing an iPhone can result in tragedy...
  • Accessory - A small button shaped like an arrow (>) which moves you on to a new screen with more detailed information about the item that has the accessory.
  • Popover - A small window which appears on top of the main screen on the iPad. Typically tapping outside of the popover will close it without saving changes made. Look for a Done button to confirm your changes.

Do you have some good hints on how I should get started?

  • The first thing you should do is go into the Settings screen (tap the cog in the bottom left or top-right corner of the Properties screen) and set up all of your defaults. If you're feeling a little lost in PRLite then this is where you can turn on the Tutorial Mode which will explain what to do on every screen. If you're using PRPro then look for the Help or ? button to launch video tutorials.
  • Once you've set up your defaults you should inspect your own home. It's a great way to get used to the system without the pressure of time deadlines that you might face while you're working.
  • Even if it seems harder at first than just typing everything with the keyboard switch to PhraseStorm to describe what you're seeing wherever possible. The more you use PhraseStorm the more efficient you'll become at completing your inspections. We will be undertaking time trials in the coming months to let you know exactly how much more efficient you can be!
  • Don't be afraid to take photos but don't go too overboard either. The photos are a fantastic tool but the more photos you take the longer the report will be to print and the larger its file size, which is particularly important if you email your reports.

I was going through a tutorial but I accidentally skipped something or I'd like to go back

On PRLite for the iPhone once a tutorial for a screen is skipped or completed it won't show again until you either reset the tutorial (go to the Settings screen, switch the Tutorial Mode off and the on again) or the app is reset. You can skip the tutorials you're totally comfortable with by swiping down (to get quickly back to the tutorial you're interested in).

The iPad tutorial will always display in the place of your working area until you actually start working. You can swipe left or right to view the different screens.

If you've gone a screen too far in the tutorial and want to go back then just swipe in the opposite direction (ie swipe right instead of left).

If you're looking at the video tutorials for PRPro you don't need to watch the whole thing through. Drag the skip bar to move through the video to the part you're interested in.

I'm entering a new property into the iPhone but there aren't any suburbs in the picker

You need to enter the suburbs which your properties are found in. You can either do this all at once or just as you need them. Tap the Add button when the suburb picker is displayed, enter the suburb details then tap Done and it will appear in the picker.

I entered a property into the iPhone but I can't find it on the Properties list?

Only properties scheduled to be inspected in the future are shown in the property list by default. If your property's inspection date has fallen into the past then tap on the Search area at the top of the list and start typing part of the address (usually the street name). Your property will show up pretty quickly. If it doesn't you might have deleted it (although this isn't easy to do).

I'm trying to add an area but I can't find (RoomX) in the list?

Pocket Reporter's area types (what you're seeing in the list) are based on the principal that within a property many of the rooms share very similar characteristics. For example a Lounge, Living Room and Family Room are all fundamentally the same room (a living room), we just give them different names (usually based on the purpose that we use them for). The key difference between the area types in Pocket Reporter Lite is the phrasing that helps you describe them. As an example the Bedroom area type has phrases for things like a bed whereas the Laundry area type has phrases for things like washing machines and dryers. Pocket Reporter Pro has the same phrases as Lite at the overview level but the areas also come with their own templates to quickly add large numbers of items and text to your inspection.

Once you've picked an area type that matches what you're seeing you can give it any name you like. In particular we highly recommend changing the old 'Bedroom1','Bedroom2','Bedroom3','Bedroom4', etc into more natural names like 'First Bedroom on Left in Back Hallway', 'Second Bedroom on Left in Back Hallway', 'Study' and 'Master Bedroom Off Entry'. It'll not only make your reports more professional but it'll make it easier to come back and inspect the property next time.

Items are added in PRPro either by selecting a template, copying an existing area or can be added one at a time. It is best to start with the template that is closest to the room you are seeing and then add extra items or remove excess items to get the area right. Different item types have different phrasing in PhraseStorm to help describe what you are seeing. Items without specific phrasing will use the general area phrasing for the current area but we are hoping to get all of the items their own phrases within the next 6 months.

I want to print my report but I don't have an AirPrint compatible printer

You have 2 options for how to print your report if you don't have an AirPrint printer.

Whenever you tap on the printer button on the Report list screen it will show you a preview of the report. As soon as you have done this you can actually download the report off your iPhone using iTunes! Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer by its cable and open up iTunes. Click on your iPhone/iPad under Devices in the list on the left and then click on the Apps button at the top of the screen. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see File Sharing with PRLite as an option. Highlighting PRLite/PRPro will show you a list of all of your reports. If you don't see the report listed (it should have the address, inspection date and .pdf) then you may need to refresh the App tab by disconnecting and reconnecting your iPhone/iPad. This whole process is explained in the Reports tutorial for PRPro found here. Skip to 5:30 in the video.

Your other option is to use the email option but send the report to yourself. This can either be achieved by setting the BCC email address in the Settings screen, by specifying your own email address in the property's list of emails or just manually entering your email when the message is displayed prior to sending. Once you've received the email the report can be printed.

I've got some great phrasing which would be great to use but it isn't in PhraseStorm

Let us know what you'd like to see! Future releases will allow you to update your phrasing to our latest phrase set which we'll be modifying if we're sent phrases we think are suitable. Otherwise when Pocket Reporter Professional Server is released you can upgrade to that system in your office and get full control over how your phrasing is set up (along with a massive swag of extra features).

How is PhraseStorm organised? I can't get my head around it...

When you are looking at a particular section of a report it has its own special set of phrases.

These are broken down into different types of phrases represented by the image buttons at the bottom of PhraseStorm. When you tap on one of the phrase types you will see a list of those type of phrases for the current section. If you see red buttons at the bottom then these are what we call phrase clouds.

Phrase clouds are clusters of phrases and break the each phrase type into multiple sub-groups. Some phrase types don't have phrase clouds because there aren't enough phrases to warrant them.

The remainder of the buttons displayed are the phrases within the currently selected phrase cloud and can be tapped or swiped to add them to your comments. It takes a maximum of two taps to get to the phrase you're looking for, one for the phrase type and one for the phrase cloud.

Different coloured phrases have different capabilities. White phrases simply enter the text on the button. Blue phrases are power phrases which have more text than what is displayed on the button. Green phrases are numeric phrases which allow you to easily substitute a numeric value into the phrase, and which also deal with singular/plural issues. If you hold down on either blue or green phrase buttons you will be able to review the full phrase text, as well as see a tutorial on how to use grammar gestures.

With practice you'll move through the types and clouds very quickly to find exactly the phrases you need.

What are the known issues with iPhone 3G?

We are unable to test the software on an iPhone 3G as we don't have one. Early users with 3G phones indicate that the software is functioning well.

A previous issue related to using / in the address of a property has been fixed in update 1.0.1. Please make sure to update your software if you are still experiencing this problem

I'm having problems with Pocket Reporter Fusion!

The solutions that were previously found in the FAQ section have been moved to the Red Nightingale Support Portal. There are three methods to access the portal. In PRManager Fusion there is a help button located at the right hand end of the toolbar (a white question mark in a blue circle). Click on this to launch the support portal login screen. In Fusion Administrator there is a menu item at the top of the screen titled 'Knowledge Base'. Click on this and then on Support Website to launch the support portal login screen. Finally you can click this link to get to a page explaining the support process. Once you have reached the Support Portal login page you can either use the standard login (userid:prsupport password:helpme) or your normal support login. If you are not sure what your support login is then use the standard login and search for 'support login' for assistance. If you are having difficulty with this process then email anytime.

What is the latest version of Pocket Reporter Fusion?

The current version of Pocket Reporter Fusion is 1.3.10. To determine which version of Pocket Reporter you are running log in to either Fusion Administrator or PRManager Fusion. The title bar of the program once you are logged in should have the version number (the title bar is the very top of the application window and has the close button (x) on it). If the title bar does NOT have the version then you are running Version 1.2.0-1.2.5.

Version 1.3.9 altered the contents of the report format for Ingoing reports. If you have a custom Initial Report format then Red Nightingale will have to update this before you upgrade from a version prior to 1.3.9 to version 1.3.10. To determine if you have a custom format log in to Fusion Administrator, click Change Settings, click the + next to PRManager Fusion and highlight Initial Report. If there is text in the Setting Value (top-right) then you have a custom format.

The current version of PRMobile Fusion (for Windows Mobile Devices) is 2.0.7 and ships as part of the Pocket Reporter Fusion 1.3.10 upgrade.

If you are running any of versions 1.2.0 to 1.2.5 you will need to apply that patch first (following this guide) and then the 1.3.0 patch afterwards. To download the correct patch for your current version click on the link below corresponding to your version. Minor upgrades (ie from 1.3.0 onwards) are straightforward and for the most part involve simply running the patch (.exe file) contained within the .zip file linked below. If you are running Vista or Windows 7 with UAC enabled you must extract the .exe file from within the .zip file first and then right-click on it and select Run as Administrator. If you are running Windows XP and have a Windows Mobile Device connected to your computer then you may have a dialogue box appear halfway through the upgrade asking you to select a user. If you see this simply uncheck the "Protect my computer..." box and click OK. The PRMobile Fusion upgrade will then install to the device on next connection.

Currently running 1.3.9
Currently running 1.3.8
Currently running 1.3.7
Currently running 1.3.6
Currently running 1.3.5
Currently running 1.3.4
Currently running 1.3.3
Currently running 1.3.2
Currently running 1.3.1
Currently running 1.3.0
Currently running 1.2.0-1.2.5


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